model2James Leadership Group works closely with clients to design, provide, and facilitate tailored strategy and leadership development solutions. Our service areas include:

Leadership Development

Our leadership development strategy takes an integrated approach to understanding the relationships of leaders, their knowledge, and interpersonal skills with their team and organization. We provide one-on-one mentoring, team building, and executive coaching. Strengthening nonprofit boards and organizations in their governance and leadership is at the heart of what we do.

Organizational Assessment

Using “Action Research,” our approach to organizational assessment focuses on a systematic way to identify and provide recommendations for improving organizational success. We begin by collecting information (facts and opinions) and identifying gaps between “what is” and “what ought to be.” We analyze this collected data to make recommendations and assist with solutions that will advance your organization and create processes to evaluate the outcomes for continued improvement.

Strategy Planning

Our work employs the frameworks of scenario analysis as a means of engaging decision-makers to proactively manage uncertainty and think strategically about the future. The Delta model (based on the work of Arnolda Hax, MIT) is used to move organizations from a counterproductive to a collaborative and strategic model of success in the 21st Century.

Research and Evaluation

JLG uses quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation methods to frame our understanding of the issues before you, and provide the means to tell an informed story of our findings. We conduct research that encompasses a broad range of techniques, including: Surveys, Focus Groups, Observation, Critical Interpretations, and Benchmarking.

Training and Facilitation

Our diverse and experienced team of associates know and understand effective organization and leadership practices. We design and deliver trainings, lectures, presentations, and experiential learnings specifically for your organization. Specialties include Executive Coaching, Team Building, Leadership Development, Organizational Design, Group Dynamics, and Conflict Management.


Our board governance and leadership workshops and trainings provide organizations with information, tools, and processes to understand 1) the role and responsibilities of board members and associates, 2) financial responsibilities, 3) fundraising roles, 4) strategic planning, 5) legal obligations, and 6) the accountability of the board to the mission, planning, evaluation, structure, and processes of the organization.