Our Team

Dr. Kenneth James

Dr. Kenneth James is President and Founder of the James Leadership Group. Using his more than 30 years of corporate experience, nonprofit leadership, teaching and evaluation, Kenneth coaches, consults, and works with organizations around the world. He is passionate about assisting learning professionals in redefining themselves as strategic business partners and supporting leaders in transition.

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Keith Edmunds

Mr. Keith Edmunds is a former operations management professional with 20+ years of experience in various operations roles in telecommunications, financial services, consulting, training and leadership training with an emphasis on performance management. He was certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation.

David Gabriel

Dr.  David Gabriel is an innovative and accomplished business leader with a passion for helping organizations create value and drive sustainable results. For 20 years, he had delivered pragmatic leadership and organization effectiveness solutions. In addition to coaching leaders and teams through conflict, complex change and rapid growth, he has integrated talent and learning strategies resulting in world-class employee engagement, customer success and cross-boundary collaboration.

Kipp Leyser

Mr. Kipp Leyser brings over 20 years of experience in diversity training, inclusive leadership development and in executive coaching. He has worked across the US consulting with Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries, as well as with higher education and not for profit organizations.

Karen Vyner-Brooks

Ms. Karen Vyner-Brooks has worked nationally and internationally across diverse cultures. She has developed and delivered numerous inclusive leadership developments, executive coaching, stress management and organizational culture change programs for over 20 years. Karen has worked with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, city, and state and federal government organizations. She applies cross-cultural models, assessment tools and experiential education to address clients’ needs and designs baseline and follow up surveys to measure success. She is committed to creating inclusive and productive organizations.

Tricia Clement

Dr. Clement provides consumer focused solutions that make business sense.  Her insight-based solutions help companies develop winning product strategies, corporate priorities, and organizational structures by identifying and translating consumer wants and needs into business opportunities. She specializes in gathering and synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data to provide fully vetted answers for her clients. Like our research methods, our team is a unique synthesis of experience, skills, and talents and we delight in producing effective, actionable, and understandable human solutions.

Antoine Moore

Mr. Moore is committed to helping organizations and agencies maintain high performance and high organizational wellness. He is an experienced manager and team leader. He has a strong understanding of systems and the development of individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. Mr Moore is experienced in training, facilitation, and curriculum development. He has excellent interpersonal and customer relations skills; strong written and verbal communication skills; and is a creative systems thinker. Mr Moore is a certified Master Integral Coach. He has coached and mentored both public sector and nonprofit leaders.

Renzie Richardson

Ms. Renzie Richardson has more 20 years of organizational development (OD) experience in transforming and helping higher education institutions and private sector employers. Since 1992, she has led numerous HR projects to improve enterprise performance. Starting with the “C” suite, Ms. Richardson is experienced as a facilitator for executive teams and leading the strategic planning. She understands group dynamics and how change impacts people at each level of the organization, Ms. Richardson is astute in managing the process and getting “buy-in” to yield a high adoption rate. She has a record of experience as a Change Agent, Trainer and Coach.

Simma Liebermann

Ms. Simma Lieberman is internationally known as “The Inclusionist,” because she creates inclusive workplaces where employees love to do their best work, and customers love to do business. Her passion for diversity began in 1963 when she went on the March On Washington in 1963. She wishes she could say that it was because of hearing Martin Luther King give his “I Have A Dream” speech, but she was too young to remember it. However, she has always remembered what it felt like to be amongst 250,000 people for the first time of all colors, cultures, and ages, rallying and marching together for change. Today, Simma helps create diversity and inclusion cultures at every organizational level.